I Am A MOMtrepreneur Coach

I help high achievers—just like you—identify that you are the writer, director, and producer of your own life's production called "The life and business I love!"  

What is it you want?

A thriving business and income of your own, and still keep your home life and family first, maintaining balance, fun and happiness?

Yes, that can be yours...  

All it takes is your own SHIFT Studio (environment), so you can SHIFT and aligning your head and heart to manifest the right pathways, systems, supplies and people in place, so you can live the life and business you love.

I will help you create a clear picture of what you want and the tools to help YOUR PRODUCTION come to LIFE.

For those of you here to create the business you love, you will learn what business systems and tools to have in your SHIFTstudio to help you save time, money and reach the masses of your market on AND offline. 

To do all of this you must first create your SHIFT Studio and use my pathways to tap into your creative genius by mastering "The SHIFT". I am here to help you do that!

Which do you need help with?

1- Reaching your Potential

2- Mastering your Environment

3- Building your Tribe 



Yes, Every single ones of us has a creative genius inside just yearning to get out. I have even run across many of you that do not think you have a creative bone in your body and say you can't even draw a stick figure.

I'm sure you have also heard people say. "I'm left brained or I'm right brained." Did you know that there is no such thing as just being right or just being left brained? We are all both, but you can be left or right brained imbalance. I am going to help you become right and left brained balanced. Creativity is one of the best ways you can create that balance.

You do not need to be an artist to do so, even drawing a horrible stick figure or coloring a whole piece of paper with one color is an amazing creative exercise. From these simple exercises you will start to see evidence of creative thinking coming out in everyday or business problem solving.

These right brained exercises will even help you "let go" of negative feelings from past hurts that are holding you back in life. I'm very excited for you to get started because you will tap into your right brained genius and create and live the life and business you LOVE!


Did you know all it takes is a SHIFT of the heart and the world starts to come together? This HeartSHIFT happens when the head, body and heart are in coherence with each other and come together as one. When your thoughts and feelings in your heart of an event or person(s) no longer have a negative charge to them. When you learn to tap into your heart and "let go", then you will truly "go and let live".

I will share and teach you the amazing scientific studies that show the power of your own heart in your life. How your heart can hurt or help you according to the SHIFT that it is in. Is it a negative one or a positive one? Through my own personal experience of applying what science also shows, I will share with you how I learned to let go of the hurt and start the healing process, just like you can.

Through the healing of your heart you will SHIFT

into a life and business you LOVE!

Purpose: Be Intentional

After you master Heart and Heart Connection, and eliminate what makes you week, you will have space to create and do things on purpose, be intentional and have specific intent. What is your purpose? have you defined that and mapped it out yet? If not, then now is the time.

Pathways: Tools to have in your SHIFT Studio

Creating the proper environment to live and create in is very important. When you don't have the right tools it can make this process harder then it really needs to be. SHIFT Pathways are different tools, techniques and practice that I have and use in my personal SHIFT Studio. I am passing these pathways on to you, to help you produce the life and businesses you love.