Hi, I'm Helen

A mulit-passionate, MOMtrepreneur, army wife, artist, daughter of God, essential oils & SHIFT image coach, and quantum physics nerd, with the knack for helping you tap into your creative genius, heal your heart and "Get your SHIFT together so you can THRIVE in the Crazy!" 

Born into a family filled with teachers, artist, fashion and film industry and entrepreneurs, I was surrounded by an amazing talented family that help me develop my own unique abilities in these same areas. I had no money of my own and was only equipped with my camera and computer (I saved up and bought myself), sketchbooks, pencils, and my multi-passionate entrepreneurialism spirit. I really hated working for others and wanted so badly to create something of my own and help others do the same. I have been blessed to of touched hundred's of thousands of lives through my art, books, productions, businesses and trainings over the past 25 years in business. I have learned so much in overcoming the odds, myself and thriving. Now, I am blessed to help achievers just like you, tap into your heart, mind and creative right brain genius, and get rid of what is holding you back so you can SHIFT and align yourself with your purpose, passions, pathways and profit you want in your life.

I have always had a passion for so many different things, some of them are connected, but together as a whole, they may look like they have no rhyme or reason. Being a wife, and mother, artist, creating productions, style, essential oils, yoga, mediation, spirituality, ancient history, quantum physics, psychology, teaching, free enterpriser, truth seeker, freedom fighter, personal and leadership development. That was a mouthful!! 🙂 Now the big question... How do I get them to fit together in business, my personal life...my husband and children? No amount of success can compensates for failure in the home! I was not willing to sacrifice my family.

There's that famous question we ask ourselves..."How can I be, do, and have it all?" 

I didn't want to have to pick just one or two of them, in fact I felt that God put these all in my life for a reason, He had a plan for me and I was suppose to use them to fulfill my purpose on this earth. But how???

Then I realized, what seemed to others as my "Crazy life, with unique combinations of talents and skills" is what made me, me. That they were MY STRENGTHS and not my weaknesses.

I just needed a system in place and a way to focus and creatively merge them together to create amazing results for myself and others.

Pulling them together in one focus was the key that led me here to being a

"MOMtrepreneur Coach"

With my objective being to...

1-To work with high achievers—just like you— and teach you how MANIFEST anything you want in life. That YOU are the writer, director, and producer of your own life production called "The life and business I LOVE!"

2- Help you create your own SHIFT Studio. This is your own environment to thrive in, so you can produce and live the life and business you love.

3- Teach you how to SHIFT... ReMIND, heal your heart and let go of the whatever is holding you back, and BE in alignment with what you want.

4- Identify and use your unique God given talents to make a difference not only in yourself, but with your family, community and country.

5- Teach and lead you to systems and processes that help you attain and maintain massive reach in your on and offline communities, for the business you love!


I would love to help you SHIFT...ReMIND yourself and create and live the life and business you love. Click here to get started today!