Essential Oils

Are you already using essential oils and just LOVE them? Me too!

Are you new to essential oils, wish you knew more about them and want more information? You're in the right place!

Are you an entrepreneur or wanting to become one? I know this may sound crazy... but there is an AMAZING business opportunity with essential oils! 

I absolutely LOVE essential oils! I seriously felt like I was all over the place, and it drove my family crazy. You know the saying... "When mama ain't happy, ain't nobody's happy!" But seriously, they truly did help me create more clarity, focus, energy, and profit. Not to mention all the other benefits that my family and I get with our physical needs on a daily bases.

With the benefits my family is seeing, and from the income it provides as a "work from home" business... I get to be home with my kids, control of my schedule, and my income. Being an army wife... heck any type of wife, mom, single mom, woman... or even the man. THAT... speaks to all of us doesn't it? Even though this does speak to us all, not everyone is ready right now to own their own business and get the benefits of more income and time. That is seriously ok. I only work with people that are ready to create an amazing income right now. Everyone else that tries and uses people essential oils LOVES them, cause they see how they can assist in keeping their families healthy. They just love the way the help them feel, and support them on a daily bases. 

Whether you are here for just the great products or you want to look at an additional income,  I’m your gal! 

Choose one of the options below that best fits your needs.

Emotional Well Being

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Wellness Advocate Membership

Most beneficial & versatile membership.
-- You are an advocate for yourself & your family

-- Can use as a wholesale membership or as a business

-- Option to use as a home-based business
-- Save 25% off retail
-- Can receive cash bonuses, kickbacks and free products
-- Option to use as a home-based business
-- Join our fast growing team today and learn from the top leaders
-- You will get instant access to training and private mentorship


Wholesale Customer Membership

-- Save 25% off retail
-- Eligible for FREE Product of the Month
-- No cash bonuses or kickbacks with this membership (only with Wellness Advocate Membership)

Retail Customer Account

Purchase at retail through your own membership portal on line or over the phone.

Get Essential Oils for the Same Price I do!

You can purchase essential oils at retail, wholesale or with a ton of added benefits as a Wellness Advocate. Visit my EO page and go to "Join & Save" to find out how. It's easy!