What is SHIFTing & Manifesting?

You can not create a SHIFT in your life and everything around you, until you create a HeartSHIFT with yourself. How can you do this? Really it is SO SIMPLE and is a matter of the heart. Literally.

Did you know that your heart does more then just pump blood through your body? It has many functions and that is just one of them ... and not even the most important. Believe it or not the blood can actually push itself through the vein with a swirling motion. This was scientifically discovered back in ____. In fact the blood is moving through the veins of the fetus before the heart is even developed and beating. So if that is not the main function of the hear...then what is? That question is exactly what started the research at the Institute of Heart Math in 1990.

What they found was that the heart has more nuero pathways going from the heart the the brain then then brain to the heart. I know! Crazy right!!! They found that the heart is another brain and they refer to it as the "little brain"...but there is nothing little about it when you hear what it can control and do with the body.

A SHIFT happens

when the head, body and heart are

in coherence with each

other and come together as one.




THOUGHT: Memory or experience

EMOTION: There are 2 types of emotions. Love emotion and a fear emotion

FEELING: When a thought or experience and an emotion of love or fear come together, they create a feeling. That feeling takes place in the heart and creates a vibrational frequency or magnetic pull and energy that is similar to that, that is around the earth.



There is a great way...no matter what is going on around you that you can get your heart into the right "feeling" to create a SHIFT. A great way to remember and help get into the right feeling, is to use this acronym I created to remember it myself.  S.H.I.F.T.

Stop, Heart, Inhale, Feeling, Thanks


Stop - When you find yourself about to "react" to something...or maybe you are about to get on an important phone call, and you know you need a great outcome. Did you know with this simple method you can create a "LOVE feeling" no matter what the conditions are around you?

Heart - The fastest way to bring awareness of your heart to the brain is by touching your heart. Your conscious and subconscious mind respond in this way with touch. Now your heart and mind know it is time to transition to the heart taking control.

Inhale - My husband is in the military and he told me once. "It is amazing what I've been able to get through just by breathing!" Having 4 babies naturally, I totally agree with him! When you relax and breathe, your body releases relaxin chemicals into your muscles, your heart rate comes down and you instantly feel peace and calm. As you breath in through your nose for 8 seconds, picture that breath coming in, down your esophagus, and circling in your tummy grabbing that fear feeling, and pushing it out with an 8 second exhale through the mouth. Do this 2 times and you are ready for the next step.

Feel - Now that our "fear feeling" is pushed out of our heart and mind... we are going to focus on a "love feeling". It is good practice to create a thought, you can picture and feel in your mind and heart ahead of time. This acts a trigger for a "love feeling" released into your mind and heart. I would do this when delivering my babies, as I focused on my breathing and relaxing as much as possible, I would imagine my babies face. It was a "place" I could go to. Holding and cuddling his or her sweet little body, counting fingers and toes.:) You can do this in your own way too. Imagine someone that you love... who is it that anytime you think of them they bring a smile to your face? Maybe it is not a person but a place, a hobby... what ever it is that causes a physical reaction and brings a smile to your face or causes you to laugh...That is it! Picture and be in that "love feeling".

Thank - Giving thanks is a key step in creating a "love feeling" in your heart. It is a great pattern interrupter. If you find that the conditions that surround and envelop you, make it difficult to create that "Love Feeling", counting your many blessings and giving gratitude as a sure way to get there. Maybe you are in conditions that make even this difficult to do. I challenge you to think of just one thing, something even as simple as the fact you can breath. That it happens effortlessly, and you don't even have to think about it. Many out there can not. They struggle with respiratory issues that effect them every second of the day. Did you know that gratitude and anger or fear feeling can not exists together at the same time for very long? Gratitude has a way of bringing the light and pushing the darkness out. When you start to count even these little blessings, they start to compound and eventually envelop your every being.

Lets work together and create your personal SHIFT...

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