What is a SHIFT Studio?

ˈst(y)o͞odēˌō/ noun, a room, place or environment for instruction, experimentation, inspiration, motivation, production. Everything you need to bring your "Production" (life and business) from concept to reality. You will learn and do in your own personal SHIFT Studio.


How Do I Create My Own?

1st Find a Space
Find a space in your home where you can escape from everyday life. Somewhere other then your bedroom if at all possible. There was a time when I really had no where else I could go but my car. If that is you, that is a great place to start. This will be a place you can go and close the door to mediate, read, plan, make calls, listen to an audio etc. Somewhere away from the distractions of your life. For a time I and my husband would take turns escaping to the local coffee house, with headphones on and a corner table facing away from everyone.

2nd  Eliminate What Makes You Weak

Hey I get it, I'm also a mom. I have 4 children 10-4 years old, run several businesses from home, take time for personal, emotional, and physical development, volunteer at my church, and to top it off I'm an army wife... which also means I yo-yo back and forth in the "single parent" department, (that can be interesting to say the least) with absolutely no family close by. I have said the words many times in my life,

"Why am I always the brains and bronze for 5 people? Why can't people do and think for themselves?"

See, I totally get it, we are all busy and something it feels like... "Seriously... one more thing I need to be, do or have!" I promise you when you grab on to what I have to share with you... your life will become so much easier with way better results. The first thing I want to teach you in creating your own SHIFT Studio is the idea of taking away what makes you weak. Isn't that great? We are going to talk about taking things off your plate! Here is a great example to illustrate my point... instead of going on a special diet, eliminate the foods that make you weak. By eliminating them you automatically make yourself stronger and healthier.

Now I want you to take a moment and think about what you have in your life right now that can be eliminated. This can be the typical application of delegating, decluttering home, car, office, elimination of activities, clearing your calendar of anything that is not in alignment with your overall goal, learning how to say no. Achievers are busy, you don't find them down in the basement playing minecraft or war games all say long. They are getting things done and have usually have a packed calendar...so this is an area that more then likely you will need to address.:)  You are making space for more abundance in your life.

Here is a practical application from my own life:

I grew up with my parents watching something before they went to be to "rest, relax and unwind". So of course I had this habit too. I would find myself working like crazy to get a ton of work done after the kids went to bed. Finishing up way after midnight, exhausted I would default to watching a show or movie to "unwind and rest" before going to bed. The problem was that it actually worked against me and made me weaker, more tired in the morning and short tempered with my kids while getting them off to school. Then I would sit on the couch next to my 4 yr old to watch a few minutes of cartoons with her, and find myself saying... "I'll just  close my eyes for just a few minutes". Next thing I know it is 2 hours later, and I am mad at myself for being a bad parent and falling asleep while my child was awake and waisting time and falling behind in my work. Don't judge! I know many of you have done something like this too.  So no pointing fingers... this is a safe place to share and learn. 🙂 Now I have to stay up late, just to rotate the failed pattern again uuggghh!

The act of taking the movie or show off my plate made me stronger. Now I would get to bed earlier, which caused me to wake up earlier and work during the day when I was suppose to, and not have to work as long after the kids were in bed. I was happier in the morning and more patient with my kids.

Taking away made me stronger!

What can you eliminate that will automatically make you and your environment stronger and healthier?


Creating the proper environment to live and create in is very important. When you don't have the right tools it can make this process harder then it really needs to be. Below you will find different tools, techniques and practice that I have in my SHIFT Studio and how it makes a difference in my life, family and businesses. I know by applying and using these same tools you will create this amazing SHIFT in your life as well.

3rd Master these 2 Meditation Techniques:

Head/HeartSHIFT and Manifestation Meditation 

To many meditating may seem like a waste of time. I thought that. I knew if I closed my eyes I would be asleep so I saw it as a waste of time. The best thing I ever did was give it a try and learn the science behind how and why it works. This made it more obvious to me that I really needed to make it a priority in my life. I also saw how meditating made my days go by with ease and I got way more done. 


Head Heart Coherence... the ability to create the "feeling" frequency waves you want to give out and receive back in your life. SHIFT is an acronym for... Stop, Heart, Inhale, Feel and Thanks. It is the first step. When mastered you will be able to draw to you and manifest the life and business you want.

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Purpose: Be Intentional

After you master Heart and Heart Connection, and eliminate what makes you week, you will have space to create and do things on purpose, be intentional and have specific intent. What is your purpose? have you defined that and mapped it out yet? If not, then now is the time.

Pathways: Tools to have in your SHIFT Studio

Creating the proper environment to live and create in is very important. When you don't have the right tools it can make this process harder then it really needs to be. Below you will find different tools, techniques and practice that I have in my SHIFT Studio and how it makes a difference in my life, family and businesses. I know by applying and using these same tools you will create this amazing SHIFT in your life as well.


I love seeing the transformation and confidence of a person when they makes a couple of SHIFTs and find their own personal style. There is something that changes a person with the right haircut, outfit or makeup that enhances the beauty that is already there.


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Many times when we find our selves stuck or not the person we want to be, we feel as if your personality has changed and we don't really like who we are, how we look or how we feel or act anymore. Here I will help you find your Ideal Personality ...= Ideal Personal Reality. Understanding what different personalities there are and who it is that you want to be. I will help your create your own personal "image" through personal development, audios, books, clothing, hair, make-up so that you can step out in confidence of the new you you are creating inside and out.

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Fitness: Balance, Alignment & Flexibility

For some people working out and exercise is a passion. I was not one of those people. This was an area hard for me, but then I found Yoga... HIIT yoga, Scoliosis yoga and yoga for calming and relaxing.  The fact that is only took 10 to 20 minutes AND I could effect my mind, body and soul at the same time had me sold. That was a kind of physical exercise I could see myself sticking with and making time for. I know you will too.

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Creative projects are exercise for the right and left brain to work together and become coherent with each other. Resulting in focus, clarity, vision and problem solving.

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Nutrition: Whole, Clean & Convenient

This is an area I never really worried much about, food was food to me, that is until my son started having digestive issues and nothing seems to help until we changed his diet to clean eating. I noticed this myself after doing a detox and re-introducing "normal foods" back into my diet, like certain grains, processed, and fast food. Wow what a difference I noticed, and you will to when you create a FoodSHIFT in your life. I will share recipes and foods that really make a difference in my families moods, focus, energy and health. You're going to really see and love this SHIFT in your life.


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Essential Oils

Using essential oils to help with emotional and physical wellness. Essential oils are an amazing tool in bridging the gap and helping one SHIFT or change the heart "feeling" frequency or wave they are sending out. Oils also assist the body in creating a proper environment in and outside of the body for the body to be in a state of homeostasis and heal itself.

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Next Steps...

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