My husband Rusty and I attended a leadership seminar, and the guest speakers where good friends we hand not seen in several years. They are amazing individuals and entrepreneurs who, like ourselves, work as a husband wife team in several business ventures. We've always had a great connection with them on a personal and business level, and were very excited to learn from them. As we sat there we kept looking at each other in awh! It had been almost 5 or 6 years since we last saw or spoke to them, and we were blown away at the level of training we were receiving. We had seen them speak and train before, but nothing even close to what we were experiencing now. That night, their main topics were the ant and the elephant...the conscious and subconscious mind. The power of visualization and the affirmation and having the right atmosphere and environment in their home. They called it their "Family Culture ". Even the stories they told of their two little girl's accomplishments at such a young age, was inspiring. They gave all the credit to their "family culture" in their home of always and only speaking into existence what they wanted.

Later as Rusty and I drove home we could not stop talking about how different they were. There was something in them we had ever seen before. We knew them really well before, and this was just mind blowing to us.

They had figured out how to tap into the power of their subconscious mind and we wanted to know how to do it too.

We felt inspired to pull up YouTube and do a search on the topic. Of course, I saw some random person sitting cross legged and in mediation and hovering in the air, being a type of what I call "shock factor" person, I clicked on that first. Thinking, hey if we are going to do this, lets take it to the extreme and do the impossible right! My husband is the exact opposite, but he went along with it anyway. The video was an interesting, 1990's VHS quality video. Randomly in the middle of it, it switched to a recently, professionally shot clip of a man talking about the power of the mind and the heart when they are connected and coherent with each other. Luckily it gave his name on the screen... "Gregg Braden Scientist and Spiritualist" two words I am totally intrigued with, especially when I see them listed together... because they rarely are. We spent the rest of the night watching everything we could get our hands on that had Gregg Braden in it.


That night changed me completely and put me on a path that has helped me realize the power that God has given each of us, through Him. That He has put in each of us power to create the life that we want and love. It also showed us how powerful "feelings" are... not emotions... but "feelings".

As you will learn later they are quite different. Also the power that the heart plays in our lives... The heart is not just there to pump blood through our bodies and keep us alive, it has other powerful uses that sadly enough, in our western and modernized society, most of us are unaware of.

Ever hear of the law of attraction? How about this one it happens in my family all the time... My mom knowing when something is wrong and calls right when it's happening to one of us kids... even if we are thousands of miles away. What about people having the ability to heal themselves when given a short time to live? The answer is the HEART. Some of you may even be saying that's just the placebo effect, mother's intuition or that's God working in their lives... YES! They are all a part of it, and who do you think created the heart? Notice how there are law's of nature, systems and processes for everything God has created? Maybe you don't believe in God, or you'd rather call it a higher intelligence, that works too. Either way, the heart is one of the greatest inventions and tools ever created in connecting to so many of "Nature's Laws"...

The heart is key when tapping into your creative genius, a genius that all of us have.

The "Feelings" that you produce with the heart are key when meditating or praying.

Faith, hope, charity, gratitude, joy, compassion, unconditional love are some of the most powerful and highest vibrational frequency "Feeling" the heart produces?

Ever hear "By your faith ye will be healed." or "As a man is in his heart so is he." or "Laughter is the best medicine." how about..."When the heart and the mind become one, you can say to the mountain, move and it will move."? They are not just sayings...they are powerful instructions of guidance in SHIFTING and changing to attract what it is you are feeling. When you have a SHIFT of the heart with a high vibrational feeling, it prepares you to tap into that CREATIVE genius we all have, so you can then LIVE the life you LOVE.

The Feelings that you produce when SHIFTing, comes from your head and heart becoming coherent with each other, THAT is what opens the door to the life you LOVE.


I'm sure some of you think, "This is ridiculous!" Well guess what all my little nay sayers? love jab.🙂 Science is now able to prove what I have just shared with you, and has been doing so for almost 20 years...but mainstream media and education system has not been willing to change their old ways of believing what they have been believing for over 300 years.  The only way you will find it, as it is slowly filtering into mainstream, is if you go looking for it. I can help you do that by starting with The Institute of HeartMath.

The Institute of HeartMath is a group of scientist based out of California, that through research found the heart is not needed to push blood through the veins, the veins have the ability to push the blood through it's self... so if it is not the heart's main function... then what is it's function? What I mentioned previously is only a small glimpse of their findings. I love that they have the science and research to back everything I just told you. Scientist are now starting to admit that "All of this... us... life... universe!" There is evidence that shows all of this, has been created by a higher intelligence or creator. That the space between you and me is not empty, like science has believed for years, they have discovered there is energy that connects all of us and everything. This discovered connection of energy is being called many names by the scientific community, but the one I like best is what Gregg Braden calls it, the "divine matrix". Do you know what the communication system of the divine matrix is? Yes you've got it! "Feelings" those amazing vibrational frequencies that come from the heart.

So how do you learn how to tap into these "feeling vibrations" or language of the heart that I refer to as a "HeartSHIFT"?

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Yes, Every single ones of us has a creative genius inside just yearning to get out. I have even run across many of you that do not think you have a creative bone in your body and say you can't even draw a stick figure.

I'm sure you have also heard people say. "I'm left brained or I'm right brained." Did you know that there is no such thing as just being right or just being left brained? We are all both, but you can be left or right brained imbalance. I am going to help you become right and left brained balanced. Creativity is one of the best ways you can create that balance.

You do not need to be an artist to do so, even drawing a horrible stick figure or coloring a whole piece of paper with one color is an amazing creative exercise. From these simple exercises you will start to see evidence of creative thinking coming out in everyday or business problem solving.

These right brained exercises will even help you "let go" of negative feelings from past hurts that are holding you back in life. I'm very excited for you to get started because you will tap into your right brained genius and create and live the life and business you LOVE!

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Did you know all it takes is a SHIFT of the heart and the world starts to come together? This HeartSHIFT happens when the head, body and heart are in coherence with each other and come together as one. When your thoughts and feelings in your heart of an event or person(s) no longer have a negative charge to them. When you learn to tap into your heart and "let go", then you will truly "go and let live".

I will share and teach you the amazing scientific studies that show the power of your own heart in your life. How your heart can hurt or help you according to the SHIFT that it is in. Is it a negative one or a positive one? Through my own personal experience of applying what science also shows, I will share with you how I learned to let go of the hurt and start the healing process, just like you can.

Through the healing of your heart you will SHIFT

into a life and business you LOVE!

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What kind of environment have you created for your wellness? Is it one that brings you abundance?

Wellness is such a vital part of our happiness... both emotionally and physically. The cells in your body change according to the environment they are in? That environment includes the inside as well as the outside. Im not just talking about what you eat or if you are exercising... it also includes proper rest, meditating and deep relaxation techniques. Did you know that essential oils can help assist you in everyone of these areas of your wellness I have mentioned? As well as in your CreativeSHIFT, HeartSHIFT and LeaderSHIFT.  I LOVE using essential oils because they are so versatile, natural and safe to use. I am very excited because I will be teaching you how you can create the right environment inside and outside to create a WellnessSHIFT as well as a SHIFT in the other areas of Creativity, Heart and Leadership. Get ready to create and live the life you LOVE!

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The personal SHIFT is all about conquering yourself. Getting rid of negative habits and replacing them with new habits, new thinking, a new way of being. Changing your "personality"...or "Personal Reality" to who you want to be.

You can not conquer the world until you conquer yourself.

It all starts with you!

It is not just about your IQ, it is also about your EQ...Emotional and Mental Quotient. Get emotionally and mentally fit and see a PersonalSHIFT in your life.

How do you do that? It's all about seeing and developing your beauty on the inside as well as the outside... through the books you read, the recordings you listen and watch, and the people you associate and surround yourself with. Finding your own unique personal style that fits who you truly are through hair, make-up, and your personal clothing style.

Through my program I will connect and surround you with the same mentors and resource I have created my own PersonalSHIFT with. You will have access to some of the top educators, personal development gurus and style consultants in the industry. I am so excited for you to tap into your own potential and live the life you love.

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